Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Create Indicator Workbook] click to create new indicator workbook

Clicking the [Create Indicator Workbook] button on the Solution Manager control screen creates this new indicator workbook. The {Indicators} sheet contains control buttons for the adding indicator formulas (on this sheet) and for creating the model indicators formulas on the {Template} sheet. The final formulas in cell notation format are created on the {Formulas} sheet. Numbers calculated from these formulas are added to each sheet in a solution workbook when indicators are added. The best way to learn how to add indicators is to work with indicator workbooks in the prototype/demonstration models.

After the indicator workbook has been created, it can be loaded (to add indicators, for example) with the [Load/Modify Indicators] button on the Solution Manager control screen. Indicators can be added at any time; however make sure that all solutions you want to display with pivot tables have the same number of indicators. When you add indicators and expand the indicator file, the simple thing to do is install the indicators over again in all solutions the new indicators will replace the old ones in the solution files.