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The Solution Manager screen helps you manage solutions, view or explain solution results, and compare solutions.  Indicators can be created and added to solutions.  Pivot tables and charts can be created for the rapid comparison and presentation of results from scenarios.

[Chart Solution Values], [Chart Solution Cross-Section] – Draw graphs of solution values.

[Explain Solution Variable Changes] – Provides explanation (table, charts) of changes in a selected variable in terms of changes in explanatory variables.

[Load Any File], [Load Solution File] – Load any file or solution file in the active model directory.

[Manage Solutions, Models] – Manage solutions, models, and model configurations: delete unwanted solutions, models and configurations.  Add indicators to solutions, and round off solution numbers to save file storage space.

[Create Indicator Workbook], [Load/Modify Indicators] – Create indicator workbook, load/modify indicators and aggregation formulas using model variables.  Indicators (post-solution calculations) can be added to model solutions when, and as you need them.

[Create *.lst File with Comparative Charts, Pivot Tables, Filtered List for Selected Variables and Solutions] – Create and save comparative pivot charts and tables of selected variables from selected solutions.  These files with comparative charts can be viewed immediately.

[Load *lst File with Charts, Pivot Tables, and Lists Comparing Solution Values] – Loads a pivot table file so you can browse through pivot tables and charts of selected solution values.  Pivot tables of solution values are the quickest way to examine model results.

[UG – Solution Manager] – Loads explanation of the control screen from the User’s Guide.  The other (red) buttons at the bottom operate the same ways as they do on the Model Builder screen.  They close open files and switch you to other control screens.

SMmenu|VORSIM| menu in Solution Manager control screen:  Solutions can be converted to a time series format for viewing.  Options exist to change the appearance of numbers in a data workbook.  You can also convert some or all formulas in a sheet to numbers, round some numbers on a sheet or all numbers in a workbook, and autofit selected or all columns in a sheet to fully display all numbers.  If solutions have been saved and a new model created, old solutions can be added to the solution list for a new model, i.e. the solution list is rebuilt.  Tool buttons replace this menu in VORSIM version 15.