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VORSIM Tutorials

VBA Security A pdf* file showing how to set (relax) the security settings so that the VBA macros which power VORSIM can operate freely in Excel.

VORSIM Overview An overview of VORSIM (pdf file *)

VORSIM Overview VORSIM controls and components (wmv video file **)

Building a Model in VORSIM

Overview of the model LUMP Planning the model LUMP for VORSIM (pdf)

Building the model LUMP, part 1 Planning a VORSIM model (wmv)

Building the model LUMP, part 2 The VORSIM model file structure (wmv)

Building the model LUMP, part 3 Building, simulating the model, viewing results (wmv)

VORSIM Control Screens

Model Builder control screen Building a model (wmv)

Solution Manager control screen Managing model solutions (wmv)

Report Writer control screen Writing reports from solutions, analyzing data (wmv)

Model Manager control screen Managing and backing up model files (wmv)

Key VORSIM Operations

A VORSIM model equation Variables and equations in VORSIM (pdf)

Writing equations, part 1 How variables and equations are constructed in VORSIM (wmv)

Writing equations, part 2 Using the [Add Equation Parameter Matrix] button (wmv)

Configuring a model for solution Setting up a model for solution with Excel Solver (wmv)

* pdf files are read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe Systems ** wmv (Windows Media Video) video files can be played with the Windows Media Player