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VORSIM 15 Summary

VORSIM 15 is a set of computer programs that helps you build, organize, operate, and manage models in the Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet.  The software can be used to create dynamic time series models, static partial equilibrium economic models, engineering process models, business plan projections, Armington bilateral trade flow models, or any other type of simultaneous or multi-equation simulation model that can be constructed in a spreadsheet.  While you specify the structure and equations for a model, VORSIM 15 automates some of the most tedious parts of model building while retaining all of the convenience of spreadsheets.  VORSIM 15, as with earlier VORSIM versions, keeps track of model data and equations in the spreadsheet environment for even the largest models.  Spreadsheet Model building, simulation, and report operations are controlled with [Buttons] conveniently placed on the relevant VORSIM 15 control screens and workbook sheets in the Windows tradition.

 VORSIM 15 is especially powerful for the construction of large spreadsheet models with standardized equation systems.  Once a model is constructed, equation parameters and equations can be quickly changed and re-initialized to fit the base data.  Models can be rapidly assembled and simulated to generate alternative scenarios.  Solution values can be viewed immediately with Excel pivot tables, filtered lists, and charts.  Furthermore, solution values can be quickly moved into spreadsheet reports that you create.  All model components, solutions, and reports are Excel 2013 spreadsheets.  Your model is documented as it is constructed so that when a project is completed, your ‘transparent’ VORSIM 15-built model is readily accessible to others.

VORSIM version 15 requires the use of Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.  This has meant different workbook naming practices and several other changes.  For example, modeling tools have been moved from the VORSIM menu to forms that can be called up from any control screen.  Also, the robust solver that comes with Excel 2013 is used.  All in all, VORSIM 15 is simpler to use, but more powerful than earlier versions.

If you have models built in earlier VORSIM (versions less than 15), your model files must be converted to VORSIM 15 format for use in Excel 2013 (we can convert them for you for $19.99 per model).  Users can convert themselves using the [Convert…] button in the Model Manager-B Tool and the Tool to modify links in workbooks.  Why convert at all?  Because if you want/need to run your earlier VORSIM-built models in Excel 2013, there is no choice.  VORSIM 15 is a major revision of VORSIM which breaks from the conventions of earlier VORSIM versions.

Consider building your model in Excel 2013 with VORSIM 15.  Visit the links on the “home” page to learn more.  The detailed User’s Guide for VORSIM is still available on this website; most of the material is still relevant to VORSIM 15 (future annotations will highlight differences).