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A VORSIM 15 model consists of several Excel 2013 workbooks which are accessed from particular control screens. The above diagram outlines the file structure for the demonstration model DEMO. The file structure is the same as in previous version of VORSIM except that the naming suffixes for workbooks have changed. The DEMOmod.xlsm model workbook is shown above in the yellow box; for a time series model, there also are workbooks containing exogenous data for simulation and historical data for lagged variables. Arrows in the above diagram show how one workbook produces or contributes to another workbook. Note that many files with *.xlsx suffixes also have an extra part to mark the type of file e.g. *.eqn.xlsx marks an equation bank file.

The picture below (obtained by clicking the button shown on top) shows a complete list of the files for the model DEMO and their suffix naming conventions.