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Model building operations are initiated from the VORSIM 15 Model Builder control screen.  [Control Buttons] start model building operations.  Buttons are automatically placed on workbook sheets as they are built.  Most model building work is done in the Equation Workbook loaded from this control screen.

[Define a New Model – Create Model Definition Workbook] – This button begins the model building process by creating a definition workbook where model codes and other information are entered into a menu (new models can also be created by copying and modifying existing models).  The Model Definition Workbook is created from this menu.

[Load Model Definition Workbook – Create Model Data, Equation Workbooks] – Loads the model definition workbook which defines the model structure, creates variable names, and generates new data and equation workbooks.  The user sets formats for model variables and chooses variables to include; setting the location of every variable in a model spreadsheet.

[Load Model Data Workbook – Data Entry] – Loads model data workbook for data entry.  Data is kept in this workbook and automatically used for equation construction and model simulation.  Data can be entered manually but tools can also help automate the movement of data from original spreadsheets to a model data workbook.

[Load Model Equation Workbook – Create Equations, Modify Them by Changing Parameters, Build Simulation Model] – Loads equation workbook where equations are written, modified, and banked.  Most model-building operations are carried out here including the creation of the stand-alone model itself.

[Activate Another Model] – Brings up a menu of all saved models in the active model directory (usually C:\VMOD\).  The model selected by the user is loaded into VORSIM 15.  This button is now available only on the Model Builder control screen but the selected model is made active on all four control screens.

[QUIT] – Quits the VORSIM 15 software package and closes all open files.  This button appears on all four control screens.  Red buttons such as this usually mean that when they are clicked, the current control screen or form containing the button will be closed when the program is finished.

[Solution Manager], [Reports Writer], [Model Manager] – Switches to other VORSIM 15 control screens, closing the active one and any open files.  This is how you navigate between VORSIM control screens.  Similar buttons are found in all control screens

[Model] – Closes VORSIM 15 and brings up a menu of models (basic and alternative, if any) for configuration (if it has not been configured yet) for solution and simulation.  This is how you get to your model from any of the four control screens.

[User’s Guide on Web], [UG – Model Builder], [VORSIM Website] – Loads pages on the VORSIM Website (including the User’s Guide) relevant to current operations.

MbuildT.pngThe [Model Builder Tools] button in the Model Builder control screen contains buttons which access useful programs (tools).  Numeric or text data can be saved and restored in a single sheet or in all data sheets.  The [Compare Model Generated Base Values with Base Data Values] button provides a final check on the readiness of a model for simulation.  Each control sheet contains a [Tools] button which accesses tools most relevant to that control screen.