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The Report Writer, Data Analysis, and Solution Charts control screen provides several methods of moving data (movelists *.mlt.xlsx) to user-created reports from models, solutions, and data files.  Report workbooks can be created and automatically updated. Data can be charted and analyzed.  Solution values can be charted.  Lists of all model files can be brought up quickly.

[Load Any File] – Load any file in model directory.

[Load Equation Workbook], [Load Data Workbook] – Load equation, data workbooks.

[Chart Parameter Block] – Create charts of parameters from equation matrices.

[Chart/Trend Data Value] – Create chart/trend line for a selected variable in data workbook.  Data can be extrapolated to end of model projection period.

[Chart Block of Data] – Create charts of adjacent variables from data workbook.

[Regression Analysis of Data] – Multiple regression analysis of variables in data workbook.  Simple regression analysis is made available within VORSIM 15.

[Create Supply Demand Report] – Create a report which uses model elasticities and solution values from 2 solutions to calculate welfare impacts and show changes in supply and demand.

[Create a New Movelist (*.mlt.xlsx) File],  [Load Movelist (*.mlt.xlsx) File; Modify, Update] – Create, load/modify ‘Movelist’ files that move data from one workbook to another (e.g. from a solution workbook to a report).  This procedure is useful whenever automated data transfer is needed between workbooks. 

[Chart Solution Time Series Variable(s)] – Create time series graphs of solution variables.

[Load Solution], [Chart Cross-Section – Solution Variables] – View a solution workbook, chart solution values.

[List Files by Type in Model Directory] – Create a list of all files in the model directory by file type.

[Create New Report (*.rpt.xlsx)], [Load an Existing Report (*.rpt.xlsx)] – Create and open Excel report workbooks.  Report workbooks are user-designed.  Movelists or the [Copy Data Block] button can be used to move model solution and other data into reports.  Once model data has been moved into a report, the data can be automatically updated.

RepWT.png[Report Writer and Data Tools] brings up a menu of buttons (one in this case).  Here one can calculated growth rates of data variables.  In earlier versons of VORSIM this program was available from the Utilities screen.  This screen is no longer maintaned in VORSIM 15 but the programs were transferred to forms such as this.