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VORSIM 15 Software

VORSIM 15 model building software for Microsoft Excel can be downloaded free of charge directly from the VORSIM 15 Website home page.  Original Tutorials and the User’s Guide are accessed on the VORSIM website.  Several video tutorials consist of sequential screen captures of VORSIM model building operations.  They give an overview of the VORSIM modeling system and illustrate several key model building and operation activities.  The tutorials apply to model building with VORSIM 15 as well as earlier versions.  VORSIM 15 demonstration models illustrate VORSIM 15 features and can be rebuilt as learning exercises.

Changes in VORSIM 15: With VORSIM 15, the Utilities folder has been discontinued.  However most of the import programs were transferred to VORSIM 15 “tool” forms which are brought up by tool buttons on the control screens.  These are programs that perform useful operations associated with VORSIM model-building.  A major change is in file naming conventions where Excel 2013 distinguishes between files containing only data (*.xlsx files) and files containing macros (*.xlsm).  For example, the VORSIM 15-built model DEMO would have a data file named DEMOdata.xlsx while the model file would be named DEMOmod.xlsm because it contains macros needed for generating a model solution.  Besides some additions to VORSIM 15, another major change is replacing the VORSIM menu with Tool buttons.  This has the advantage of making tool menus available from any control screen.

Security: For VORSIM macros to operate, security must be set to the lowest level and boxes must be marked to trust all add-ins and VBA projects.  Different security and virus protection programs may have different requirements.  For some security programs, real time scanning must be turned off.  In addition in Excel 2013, if you are having problems with Excel quitting when you load a model and scroll or try to solve it, you need to go to Advanced System Settings under PC Info and click on the [Performance Settings] button which brings up a Performance Options menu.  Select “Adjust for best performance”.  Then on the next tab Advanced, make sure “Adjust for best performance of Programs” is selected. 

Models for Demonstration and Learning are included with VORSIM 15:  DEMO – small dynamic (time series, annual data) model and STAT – static (one time period) model.  Two alternatives to DEMO can be purchased; DEML – linear version of DEMO; DARM – an Armington specification using DEMO demand elasticities; Two larger models, NFAP and SFAP can be downloaded (Free Downloads ) for VORSIM 15 as well as two SWOPSIM models.  All of these demonstration models have been converted to the Excel 2013 and VORSIM 15 formats and have been successfully test run.