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Model building operations are initiated from the VORSIM Model Builder control screen.  [Control Buttons] are automatically placed on workbook sheets as they are built.  Most model building work is begun from with the Equation Parameter workbook loaded from this screen.

[Define a New Model] – This button begins the model building process by creating a definition workbook where model codes and other information are entered into a menu (new models can also be created by copying and modifying existing models).

[Load Definition Workbook] – Loads the model definition workbook.  This workbook defines the model structure, creates variable names, and generates blank data and equation workbooks.  The location of every variable in a model is set here.

[Load Model Data Workbook] – Loads model data workbook for data entry.  Data is kept in this workbook and automatically used for equation construction and model simulation.  Data can be entered manually and Utilities can help automate the movement of data from original spreadsheets to a model data workbook.

[Load Model Equation-Parameter Workbook] – Loads equation workbook where equations are written, modified, and banked.  Most model-building operations are carried out here including the creation of the stand-alone model itself.

[Load Any File from Active Model Directory] – Brings up a menu of all files in the active model directory.  Any model file can be loaded and viewed.

[Activate Another Model] – Selects the active model for VORSIM operations from the complete set of saved models.  Here the active model is named DEMO and is located in the directory C:\VMOD (name and directory in yellow cells).  This is how you find your model.

[QUIT] – Quits the VORSIM control screen and closes all open files.

[Solution Manager], [Reports Writer], [Model Manager] – Switches to other control screens, closing the VORSIM control screen and any open files.  This is how you navigate around VORSIM programs.

[Model] – Closes VORSIM and brings up a menu of models (basic and alternative, if any) for selection for configuration and/or simulation.  This is how you get to your model.

[User’s Guide on Web], [UG – Model Builder], [VORSIM Website] – Loads pages on the VORSIM Website including the User’s Guide and pages thereof.

|VORSIM| menu: Each control screen shows the normal Excel menus and adds a VORSIM menu which activates extra programs appropriate to control screen activities.  In Excel 2003 and earlier versions, VORSIM is added to the Excel menu.  In Excel 2007 and later versions, the menu is found under Add-Ins.  In version 15 it has been replaced by tool buttons.

vsmenuThe |VORSIM| menu in the Model Builder control screen:  From any definition or data sheet, numeric or text data can be saved and restored.  All sheets in any workbook can be unprotected and protected.  A data block can be copied from one sheet to other sheets in a workbook.  This is especially useful for replicating changes in a workbook; a change in one sheet can be copied to other sheets.  Any workbook can be backed up and a block of data from a backup can be copied to a current workbook.  Short lists of equations can be drawn up for printing or viewing.  Finally, you can select a cell to be displayed on your screen for all sheets in an open workbook.  In VORSIM 15, the menu has been replaced by Tool bars.