Menu | <<<< | >>>> | VORSIM 14 control screen – define structure, add equations, build a model


All activities for the definition of a model, the writing of model equations, and the creation of model workbooks are carried out from workbooks built/accessed from this control screen.  Buttons in controls screens such as this and in workbooks are labeled for their primary task.  The buttons initiate programs that carry out model-building tasks.  When the data, definition, and equations workbooks have been created, they are accessed for further work from this control screen.  A new model is defined by bringing up a model definition menu with the [Define a New Model] button.  Red buttons always leave or close out the current window.  In this control screen, the [QUIT] closes the screen and any open workbooks.  The buttons to the right of the ‘Go To >’ box close out this control screen and activate the other control screens or the active model.  The [Select Active Model] button focuses the control screen on a selected model.  The dark red buttons at the top of the control screen load items described from the VORSIM website.  Here the screen is focused on the model DEMO that is located in the C:\VMOD\DEMO directory.  The pages that follow show steps for defining a new model, writing model equations, and creating the final stand-alone simulation model.